The 6 Greatest YouTube Reviews of Quiznos Sandwiches of 2015

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Not to brag, but 2015 was a solid year for reviews of Quiznos sandwiches and other food offerings on YouTube.

Here are some reviews that really made the cut. The cut of deli meat in a toasty Quizno’s sandwich!

Quiznos Turkey & Brown Mustard Pretzel Sub! REVIEW by JoeysWorldTour

“I love brown mustard because it’s really good for you, I’m assuming,” Joey says, because sometimes a real expert is the guy who freaking admits he doesn’t have all the answers.


Joey knows he doesn’t have all the answers. Only God does. God, and Quiznos.

Quiznos SatisFIRE Ciabatta by Daym Drops

I like how Daym is willing to admit to his influences, particularly Taz, his muse/Periscope follower who told him to review Quiznos.


Daym’s enthusiasm for the affordable lunch options of his local Quiznos franchise is like an extra dash of rosemary on ciabatta—not necessary, but appreciated.

May we all love something as much as Daym loves sandwiches, Quiznos, reviewing sandwiches on YouTube, and life.


CarBS - Quiznos Pretzel Bread Sub by Wreckless Eating

This review is fine, but the real thing we need to pause and admire is how this man named a show about eating carbs in a car while BS-ing “CarBS.”


Worst Meatball Sandwich - Quiznos Italian Meatball by EatThisNotThat

This reviewer doesn’t eat the sub, which should make this a piece of trash, but it’s hypnotizing. She just cuts it into little pieces and rubs her hands all over it in a way that is both vaguely obscene and oddly satisfying. Who’s a bad, dirty sandwich?


Quiznos Peppercorn Steak Sub by JJ’s FoodReviews

I really like that JJ admits that he’s eating Quiznos because of a promotion right off the bat. Earns the viewers’ trust. The only good Quiznos review is a radically transparent Quiznos review.


Quiznos and their Runny Soup. by FrankieFiveangels

Doesn’t even need words to get his point across. The point is why would you order jizz-lookin soup when you could eat a delicious sandwich. Classic!


Did I miss any stellar Quiznos reviews on YouTube? Please leave your recommendations for overlooked/underappreciated Quiznos reviews in the comments below. Subway reviews NOT welcome.