The 6-Minute Dark Knight Bank Heist Trailer

If you went to the movies this weekend, you might have seen the new Dark Knight trailer that we posted yesterday. You probably didn't see this new 6-minute Dark Knight trailer, however, as it only showed before IMAX screenings of I Am Legend. It hasn't been posted to the internet yet in anything other than a cam recording from a theatre, so the quality isn't top notch, but it is a full bank heist scene from the movie, so who are you to complain?


Broken Machine

Burton's original stuff is good, but he ruins franchises - I haven't liked ANYTHING he has done that was a take on preexisting material. Hated the casting of Batman, the Pace, the tone.... Jack Nicholson made a GREAT Joker...that was it.

I love Batman Begins more than any other Batman movie...more than any other comic book movie. VERY true to the comics.