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The New Dark Knight Trailer

Some of you may have already seen this new trailer for The Dark Knight (Batman Begins II) in theaters this weekend, but it's just hit the web. Here it is for your "behind closed doors" enjoyment. There's a ton of new footage of the BatChopper (which is looking even better on film than what we've seen before). Also, what's with that location of the Batmobile? Is that the new Batcave?


Oh, and disregard anything you see happening to the Joker's ride. It's all part of his plan, I'm sure. [atasteforthetheatrical]

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Hotness. Hit that link above for the HD version.

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@omar0827: Dude, it sounds like you want the Punisher. Check out the Dolph Lundgren version. He killed all sorts of people (I think like 96 at last count). It rocked. *rolling eyes*

Yes, Batman is dark, but he supposed to be a *good guy*. He doesn't cross the line that bad guys do. He finds another way. And he is repeatedly forced to face that the other way invariably leads to those he's incarcerated doing more harm than if Batman had just offed them.

But more to the point, the fact that your initial complaint is about how unattractive Gyllenhal is is telling in your priorities. And you complain about the joker not having any gimmicks. Yuck. Go rent Batman Forever and Batman and Robin since it sounds like camp is what you're looking for. I'm sure you'll find they aren't checked out.