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Batman's Motorcycle Revealed

Illustration for article titled Batmans Motorcycle Revealed

If Joker fetishist Mark Wilson had his way, the movie would be called Joker Begins: With Some Batman. He can take his purple mascara and his dumb purple car and shove it, because Batman and his Bat Motorcycle (the Batpod) is where it's at.


Taken on the set of the new movie, this Batman motorcycle is to regular motorcycles as the Batmobile in the first movie was to, say, a Toyota Camry. Plus, I think those things on the front are guns. Yep, this baby has guns like the Batmobile. What is that wetness we're feeling? Urine or saliva? It's both!


Jump for larger pics.

Illustration for article titled Batmans Motorcycle Revealed
Illustration for article titled Batmans Motorcycle Revealed

LA Times [via FilmWad]


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"Batman is kind of against killing people in this series."

True enough (though he doesn't seem to mind leaving people to certain self inflicted doom), but in the very early years of the Batman comic, he DID use guns. As he grew in skill as a detective and prowess as a fighter and tactician he began eschewing them, partly because a gun had been used to murder his parents, and partly because he could get the job done without one.

Keep in mind too that batman originated in an era before Industrial Light and Magic. The rules were different back then. Using wits and skill to overcome a 'stronger' foe or foes could still make a man BAD@$$ enough to be worth reading about. Nowadays he that hath the largest BOOM/FLASH wins the day...

As for the batcycle...meh. I'd take Kanedas bike any day over this (the laser rifle too). As for the guns on it, they could be 3 - 6 round revolvers with small cannon shells (maybe .50 cal or 20mm) or maybe grenades. But I think they're more likely anti-vehicle tasers.

I was pleasently surprised by Batman Begins, so I'll probably go see this next film when it drops and find out then for sure with the rest of ya'll :)