Image: Emojipedia / Gizmodo

Guys, we’re getting deliciously close to a big emoji upgrade. Appropriately named Emoji 5.0, the new batch of silly symbols includes several very specific items as well as some long sought-after essentials. Do you have a favorite? We do.

Emojipedia recently updated its page for Emoji 5.0 with mockups of all the proposed emoji. Don’t freak out if you don’t like the selection. For now, the candidates are in draft status, meaning they still need the final sign off from the emoji overlords at Unicode. In the meantime, here are the very best new emoji candidates, ranked and presented without explanation. Please argue in the comments.


Update 4:20pm 06/20/2017 - Unicode just announced the official list of new emoji in Unicode 10.0. All 69 of the candidates made the cut! That means you’ll be getting a T. Rex and daggum hedgehog on your smartphone keyboard very soon. Also zombies.

Update 11:40 07/17/2017 - Apple just released its final designs for the new emoji. The zombie and barfing emoji are wonderfully detailed!

You can download them all here.

1. Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye

2. T-Rex

3. Man Zombie

4. Woman Zombie

5. Merman

6. Mermaid

7. Shocked Face With Exploding Head

8. Sandwich

9. Person With Headscarf

10. Flying Saucer

11. Giraffe Face

12. Breast-Feeding

13. Cricket

14. Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth

15. Woman Mage

16. Man Mage

17. Brain

18. Woman Vampire

19. Man Vampire

20. Grinning Face With Star Eyes

21. Broccoli

22. Sauropod

23. Man Fairy

24. Woman Fairy

25. Bearded Person

26. Palms Up Together

27. Woman Genie

28. Man Genie

29. Pretzel

30. Face With Monocle

31. Curling Stone

32. Man Elf

33. Woman Elf

34. Hedgehog

35. Cut of Meat

36. Woman Climbing

37. Man Climbing

38. Dumpling

39. Face With One Eyebrow Raised

40. Woman in Lotus Position

41. Man in Lotus Position

42. Wales

43. Face With Finger Covering Closed Lips

44. Face With Open Mouth Vomiting

45. Coconut

46. Scotland

47. Man in Steamy Room

48. Woman in Steamy Room

49. Takeout Box

50. Chopsticks

51. Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes and Hand Covering Mouth

52. Child

53. Adult

54. Older Adult

55. England

56. Fortune Cookie

57. Zebra Face

58. I Love You Hand Sign

59. Pie

60. Billed Cap

61. Canned Food

62. Gloves

63. Bowl With Spoon

64. Coat

65. Cup With Straw

66. Sled

67. Scarf

68. Socks

69. Orange Heart

[Thanks Lindsey!]