7. The characters in Haxan

In 1922, Danish director Benjamin Christensen created this silent oddity, a blend of fiction and documentary that examines the history of witchcraft. The film hypothesizes that “witches” in the Middle Ages were just misunderstood sufferers of mental illness. But it’s also oddly funny, in addition to containing nudity, gore, and other elements that made it highly controversial upon its release. And it’s an enduring cult classic today. It’s also packed with enough unsettling imagery to fill dozens of films about witchcraft. Like, uh:


8. Bathsheba Sherman

The Conjuring has a lot of spine-tingling moments. (We’re still recovering from the “clapping game.”) But the suicidal witch who’s behind all of the Perron family’s ghostly troubles unleashes her true terror at the film’s climax—and man, is it absolutely terrifying to behold. Back to hell, indeed! And, ugh, right into our nightmares.