The '80s Headphones Lucky-Dip

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Urban Ears' '80s headphones are pretty much the antithesis to the Aiaiai ones I've been rocking recently, but I suppose they're just as hipster as each other. The TANTO cans come in random colors for ultimate joy or never-ending disappointment.


The brightly-colored box hides the palette of surprise, and I suppose while you can still return them if you wind up with poo-brown and sludge-green shades (sorry, "chocolate" and "army"), Williamsburg hipsters such as our Sam will still wear them for that "new age fun with a vintage feel" edge.

They cost $47, and come with an in-line remote control with microphone and call-answering/track-skipping button. Legwarmers bought separately. [Urban Ears via SlashGear]