The absolute greatest future dystopia where liberals have won

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In the dystopian future Community, Christianity is outlawed, promiscuity and homosexuality are pretty much required by law, and almost everyone has a mind-controlling implant. Only the Comedian himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, can stand against the ultimate triumph of secular values.

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There have been many great Christian apocalyptic movies, including the amazing Omega Code and the stunning Megiddo: Omega Code 2. But Six: The Mark Unleashed may be the greatest of them all, thanks in large part to Jeffrey Dean Morgan's acting. Given that this movie is basically a pastiche of Brave New World interspersed with people quoting the Bible at great length, it's amazing how much conviction Morgan brings to the lead role.


The other great part of the movie is right at the beginning, where we see freshly implanted people being indoctrinated into free love and homosexuality:

Morgan plays Tom Freeman, a former cop turned smuggler, who hasn't accepted the almost-universal mind-control implant that makes you a slave to the Leader and a member of the sexually omnivorous Community. In the clip above, he confronts his ex-wife Jeseca (Amy Moon), who's gotten the implant and become one of the Leader's stooges. She wants Tom to go undercover and infiltrate the Christian underground, then kill their leader, Elijah Cohen.


Tom refuses, but then a gay stereotype tortures him for like 20 minutes while talking about how much fun it is to inflict pain. So Tom agrees, and they send him into a prison to get close to the Christians. Cue an hour or so of people quoting Bible verses at each other, with a few unintentionally hilarious bits like where Tom interprets the parable of the Five Wise Virgins as saying that Jesus wants to deflower as many virgins as possible, but some selfish virgins won't share their oil, so Jesus runs out of virgins prematurely. It's mostly funny to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan smirking and talking about deflowering.

Eventually Tom realizes that none of the Christians want to escape from the prison with him. They all want to stay and be executed, so they can become martyrs:

There's a whole subplot where Jeffrey Dean Morgan teams up with a hacker and tries to crash the Leader's Satanic mind-control network, leading to one of the more boring hacking scenes in movie history, as the hacker kid tries to breach the security on the Leader's mainframe but finds there are too many redundant systems.


Eventually — spoiler alert — Jeffrey Dean Morgan converts to Christianity and helps to rebel against the Leader, not with violence but with humility and stuff. Like I said, it's mostly great because Morgan puts everything he's got into it, just as if this were an A-list movie.