The (almost) entire run of Gargoyles is streaming legally on YouTube

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Disney hasn't yet released the final season of its urban fantasy series Gargoyles on DVD, but it has made nearly every episode of the cartoon available online. There goes the rest of our week.

Sadly, Disney has restricted the videos to viewers in the US, but if you are (or appear to be) a US streamer, you can kick back and watch the adventures of Goliath and the rest of the Manhattan Clan. And it's conveniently divided into playlists. Season One is embedded above and below is Season Two:

And Season Three:

There are four episodes missing from these playlists, however: Season Two's "Mark of the Panther" and "Sentinel" and Season Three's "Generations" and "To Serve Mankind." Although Disney actually uploaded these mega playlists a while ago, they only recently made an official announcement that the episodes are online. Perhaps if they do well on YouTube, we could see a full Gargoyles collection on home media as well.


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