The Anti-Smartphone

Did John just out-simplify the Jitterbug by designing a phone that looks straight out of the late 1990s? Seems so:

Called John's Phone, this concept is as bare bones as they come. Take too quick a glance and you might confuse it with a beeper.


The "address book" is a pad of paper and a pen. There is no text messaging. There is no calendar. No Angry Birds will be exacting their airborne revenge on its LCD display. Apple, Android and Windows 7 fanboys will not bicker over its specs in cleverly named smartphone forums.

Just simple, no-nonsense phone calls at a level of complexity just above the venerable two cans and a string.

Conveniently, John's made a compartment in the back to store the address book pad:


So forward thinking! [Walyou via technabob]

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