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The Apocalypse Will Probably Begin with an Onslaught of Tumbleweeds Just Like This

A single tumbleweed crossing your path is already a telltale sign that something is about to go down. So what about when hundreds of tumbleweeds getting blown every which way right in front of you? Yeah, that’s when you know the world is about to end. There’s no other acceptable explanation.


It looks like the entire horde of tumbleweeds grew sentient and decided to escape all at once. The apocalypse hasn’t hit yet but it’s most definitely starting like this, right? First, the tumbleweeds. Then the zombies.

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When I joined the Air Force hoping to see the world, I put on my dream sheet (location preferences) to go anywhere in the world overseas, long term, remote, or if not overseas, coastal. I got sent to North Dakota. I took this as a sign that the Air Force was making a point about that line in the contract "the needs of the Air Force uber alles"...
anyway, I arrive in Nodak in late august after finishing Basic and Tech School, and driving to base from the airport looked just like this video. I nearly put a gun in my mouth.

turns out the Air force had assigned me to Nodak 3 months before I even went to Basic and filled out my dream sheet. The day I signed the delayed enlistment paperwork at MEPS my fate was sealed.