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The Beatles: Birthday

Every year, my parents would wake my brother and sister and I up to this song on our respective birthdays. It's a tradition that my father, a Beatles fanatic, started before I was even so much as a thought.


I anticipated the White Album song serving as my alarm clock on one morning every year. I went to bed thinking about it the night before. I spent the last few moments of half-sleep before I woke up on my birthday anticipating the jolt of the first drum beat. I was so conditioned to it, that I'd be out of bed by the time the guitar riff started.

The tradition didn't end once we left the house. When my siblings and I each went off to college, our parents would call us first thing on the mornings of each of our birthdays, with the song blaring loudly in the background. I waited for that call. I was never too cool for that call. Every family has unique, silly little traditions, and at some point in your angsty teen years, you might have lost patience for one or two of them. (Dad, I'm 15, I shouldn't have to wait at the top of the stairs at Christmas morning anymore, GOD!) But for me, the Beatles birthday song was sacred.


To this day, I think of this song anytime it's a friend or family member's birthday. Contrary to what this post may have lead you to believe, it's not my birthday today—it's actually my older sister's (Hi Suzanne!). But in the spirit of the Beatles' birthday anthem, it might as well be my birthday. And your birthday, too, yeah! [iTunes]

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