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As if having the most comfortable and most innovative boardshorts weren't enough, Hurley has gone and one-upped themselves with the Phantom Fuse 2. Which apparently only touch the body at the waist. Also, each pair is made from 12 recycled plastic bottles.


Details are scant and it's not clear if the "biomimic" waistband from the originals has actually been refashioned or if the marketing jargon has just been dumbed down to "neoprene-coated" waistband. Either way, it seems the shorts are now more comfortable than before. Also incorporated into the waistband is a "bonded net design," which apparently increases support. Or something. They're still lightweight, stretch like crazy and are quick to dry.

“The waistband is the only part of the boardshort that actually touches your body,” says Bruce Moore, Hurley VP of Innovation & Performance.

We've reached out to Hurley for more info and clarification on what specifically is new and how the waistband is the only part of the boardshort that touches the body. Because how is that even possible? Boardshorts cling to everything when they're wet. Anyway, if you're interested and need an upgrade since it is summer, the Fuse 2s are available now for $125 and come in orange or blue. [Hurley]

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