If you're anything like we are, you sit around in your free time and ask yourself, "Hmm, what's going on with the Unabomber auction?" Well, we can tell you this: bidding is brisk on the marquee items, but there are still some great finds of historical significance that are seeing little action.


Of course, the Smith Corona typewriter has a current bid of $11,100 (although there's a lot of portables still available for cheap). A handwritten copy of the Unabomber's manifesto: $17,525. And, unsurprisingly, everyone wants the hoodie and aviators, which is reflected in the current $20,025 bid. But look just one page further and there's an entire Unabomber outfit sitting at just $355! The outfit includes: a camo jacket, a homemade-looking poncho/drug rug, a lined black jacket, modified shoes, a deflated puffy jacket, gloves and a scarf, hiking boots and pants. All of this for $355 (!!!). Here are some other deals:

  • A handwritten "list of names" (yikes), $510
  • A pretty nice looking brown leather portfolio, just $325
  • Pictures of the Unabamomber hanging out from the '60s and '70s, $320
  • Lot of four bags — a duffle, a Scholastic bag, and a couple others that you've probably seen on the L train, $501
  • Lot of portable typewriters, $450
  • Brown leather portfolio (empty), $325

Bidding ends in just over a week. Get in there.

[Image of Unabomber via AP, items via GSA Auctions]