The Best Geek Hotels in the World

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Just because you are going on a vacation doesn't mean you have to leave the geek-esque lifestyle behind. HotelChatter compiled a list of some of the greatest geek hotels in the world and topping the list is the The Tribeca Grand in New York. Other notables include the Hotel @ MIT (actual name), The Wynn Las Vegas and other hotels from Buenos Aires, New Zealand and Tunsia.


I think the most interesting fact is The Hotel Royal in Munich that actually used Xbox consoles running Linux as the room set-top boxes. Damn, that is really geeky. Hit the link below to get all of the details on the top geeky hotels in the world, including a video tour of the Tribeca.

Best Geek Hotels in the World [HotelChatter]


"Nothing reeks of geek more than traveling to Tunisia just to spend the night in the real Tatouine, yes it is a real town near Hotel Sidi Driss. Located in Matmata, Tunisia, (weird, how closely the spelling matches the LOTR town)"

"the spelling matches the LOTR town"!

"Tatouine"..."LOTR town"!!!