The Best iPhone Guide Ever Now Available for Pre-order

Did you guys see that iPhone for Dummies book cover floating around the blogs today? That's a weird cover, isn't it? The girl's holding an iPod up to her ear. I mean, aren't these guys supposed to know the difference between and iPod and and iPhone? Plus, you guys aren't dummies, so why would you want that book? You guys are as smart as slashdot readers, but much more well rounded (you actually touched a girl in high school).

That's why the discerning iPhone user will prefer How to Do Everything with Your iPhone. It's going to be the most comprehensive iPhone guide in the multiverse (it has the word "Everything" in it, after all). Oh, and the authors of it aren't two dudes you haven't heard of. They're two dudes you love—or at least can tolerate. It's that one guy from Gizmodo (Jason Chen) and that one guy from Lifehacker (Adam Pash). So you know it's quality++.

Pre-order now and you get a free comment account on Gizmodo and Lifehacker. Not to mention our thanks for pre-ordering. Oh and we'll sign it for you if you ever find and accost us on the street.


Preorder this book!

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Well there goes my wacky idea of having consumer products come with a user manual.