The best presidential assassination attempt by a dolphin in movie history

We just discussed how dolphins can be absolutely horrendous, but do you remember the time they almost assassinated the President of the United States? I'm talking about the schlocky 1973 Mike Nichols' flick, Day of the Dolphin.

For such a high concept flick, Day of the Dolphin is pretty dull. George C. Scott plays a marine biologist who teaches dolphins to speak in high-pitched Muppet voices. A sinister cabal known as the Franklin Foundation kidnaps Scott's dolphins Fa and Bea and instructs the plucky cetaceans to assassinate the POTUS. How? The unwitting dolphins will attach a nautical mine to the President's yacht.

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The movie lumbers along such that even a wiseacre Paul Sorvino and dolphins warbling in falsettos can't save it. And curiously enough, Roman Polanski was supposed to direct the film prior to the murder of Sharon Tate.

Despite its oddball conceit and the satirical nature of its source material (Robert Merle's novel Un animal doué de raison), Day of the Dolphin takes itself dead seriously. The ending, however, is a thing of great beauty. You have George Patton barking instructions at one dolphin, and a bunch of saboteurs desperately conspiring with another. Also, the film's poster has perhaps one of the finest tag lines in celluloid advertising.

You can watch Day of the Dolphin on Netflix if Jaws: The Revenge just didn't sate your appetite for maritime excitement.



Pa doesn't love Fa. Go away Fa. *sniff*

Holly doesn't love Dopey. Go away Dopey. *sniff*

Painful memories from my childhood.