The Best Way To Break RFIDs: Smash 'Em

Over the next decade, we're bound to see RFID chips in more and more involuntary applications...which is a scary proposition for a technology that has been successfully read from 69 feet away. But just because, say, your credit card company wants you to use RFID, it doesn't mean you have to comply. Instructables ran through the best ways to deactivate RFIDs in passports and credit cards without the appearance of tampering. Their verdict? A hammer.

Smashing an RFID chip with a hammer surprisingly hides tampering pretty well when we're talking about flat applications like paper. While it certainly sounds destructive, on a object that's already been pummeled to a pulp (literally), a hammer can't do much damage. Other solutions that work (but aren't so pretty) include five seconds in the microwave, piercing the chip with a knife or cutting the line to its power supply. Now go hide. Because the boogie man is coming, but this time he wants a new pair of shoes. [instructables via boingboing] [image]


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