The Best Worst Videos of Liquor Store Disasters

There's something about liquor stores that bring out the very worst in people. Like once people enter those advertisement plastered glass doors, the switch for logic flips off and the TIME TO GET CRAZY switch is enabled. Fight, Rob, Steal, Fail. Here are the worst liquor store disasters captured on security cams.


The one above is very probably the worst robber/robbery ever. He runs into obstacles at every turn! He takes his time with a cart! He waits for the police! You sir, embody liquor store disaster. Congratulations! You suck at life.

Poor vino, you're awesome to taste and even more awesome to see get destroyed. I think I could watch bottles explode forever.

See I wasn't lying, I can watch wine bottles shatter forever. The entire shelf collapses and creates a tidal wave that Moses would love to split in half.

A mind meltingly drunk guy drank so much that he looks like he's living in another dimension than the rest of us. Is he floating? He thinks he's floating. Is he in heaven? As long as he has beer, it's heaven enough. An existential experience, if I've ever seen one.

When you and your friends are the only ones not wearing shirts somewhere, it means you're up to no good. These guys were looking for a fight and though they handled the first guy pretty well, the big guy reinforcement in the Reggie Bush jersey went to t-t-t-t-town on all of them. What a friend.

On the list of items I would use to rob a liquor store, a very big stick probably doesn't even register in the top 100. The costs far outweigh the benefit! You're using something slow and difficult to hold and attracting unnecessary attention. I'd pick a surge protector over a big stick. Hell I'd pick a Big Stick popsicle over a big stick. BUT. On the list of items I would use to fight a person with a very big stick, I would pick a little stick LAST. What the hell is the point? It's no surprise who wins here.

Who robs a liquor store whilst holding a genial conversation (what in the hell could they have been talking about?). Also, who shakes the hand of the store clerk that you just robbed? And what did this polite robber even use to rob the store? His charm? So. Many. Questions.



#4...I've seen artwork based on this called "The Anti-Gravity Man."