The Biggest Air Cannon in the World Would Dominate Vaping Competitions

Did you know there was an official vaping sport called Cloud Chasing? Competitors compete to make the most impressive smoke plumes, but few would be able to challenge the world’s largest air cannon that can blast massive smoke rings capable of toppling mighty box forts.


Built for a Czech TV show called Wonders of Nature, the air cannon requires a small army to pull back and prime its massive air bladder. Its bark is worse than its bite, though, so don’t expect the military to start looking into these for combat—unless one day our enemy’s roll up in cardboard tanks.

[YouTube via Likecool]



You mention militaries, would this be a way of quietly sending directed, precise blasts of pulmonary agents across battlefields or to line a street. I know you can use canisters of shit but in a pinch... just watched the video...never mind