The Black Keys: Heavy Soul

Sunday is my day here at Gizmodo. Has been for some time. The day and this shift have nestled nice and snug into my life groove. Unfortunately, it's also the day I'm most apt to be a bit, ah, groggy.


Why isn't really important. I'm a man with vices and I long ago succumbed to them. But when Sunday comes along I have responsibilities, and I need to sharpen up quick so that I can at least fake my way through the first part of the day without anyone noticing.

To do that I usually just push play on my Black Keys Pandora station and chill the eff out. What's playing now? "Heavy Soul" is, actually, and thanks for asking. The track is off one of their older albums, The Big Come Up, but they have plenty of other tunes that you should check out tonight if crunchy bluesy things are to your liking.


Blues rock. Alternative blues rock. Garage. Whatever you want to call it is fine by me. Mix in a little Stevie Ray Vaughn "Rude Mood" or Stevie Wonder waxing on about Superstition and I'm back in tip-top shape by lunchtime. [iTunes]

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Right there with ya, boss. The Black Keys Pandora station is my work partner, and slowly but surely, the shop is catching on.

Only problem with Pandora? After an hour or two, it starts to drift. There I am listening to "Ten Cent Pistol," all in my nasty groove, when Radiohead's "Kid A" pops in. Now don't get me wrong...I LOVE me some Radiohead. But on The Black Keys station? COME ON. And I'm afraid to Thumbs down it, because I still want to hear it on my Radiohead station (and I know it may not work that way, but I'm afraid to take the chance). And since I'm on a military computer at work using IE version 1.2x or WTFever, I can never seem to "move this track to another station."

So what do I do when Pandora loses its focus? Change the station to "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club," equally awesome.