The Blizzard Inside These Bluetooth Star Wars Snow Globes Reacts To Your Music

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Late-August is a little early to start setting out your holiday snow globes, except when they’ve got Star Wars characters inside. But these aren’t just ordinary snow globes, they’re also Bluetooth speakers, and the blizzard inside gets more intense as your music does.

Available in Darth Vader, Threepio + Artoo, and Stormtrooper versions, these two-pound Bluetooth speakers run for just over four hours on a single charge. And in addition to the miniature snow storm that syncs up with whatever song you’re playing, these snow globes are also lit with color-changing LEDs allowing you to set the perfect mood.


However, they’re only available in Japan. So if you want to import them overseas using a site like the Japan Trend Shop, you’ll be paying through the nose to the tune of just over $220 to do so. That’s a lot of Republican credits. [Japan Trend Shop via Chip Chick]

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