The Cable ID Cord Management System

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Come on man, admit it: your work area is nothing but a spaghetti and meatballs of cables and plugs and such. It's okay, some of us (me) call that neo-cybereclectic... which is a (made up) euphemism for "I'm too lazy to tidy things up, so I'll pretend I like it the way it is by giving it a fancy artsy name." Last time I had to unplug my router to make place for something, it took me three whole minutes of following a cable from source to socket.

Well, to solve this all too common of problems, German company Sternform Produktgestaltung of previous fame will be distributing a product called Cable ID. Manufactured by Dutch firm Cleverline, it's nothing more than a set of rubberhelixes of different colors, designed to easily attach themselves to cables. They are flexible and you can write on them so as to be able to identify which cord goes where at a glance. -DP


Product Page [Sternform via Core77]