The CIA Is Auctioning Its Creepy Osama Dolls

In one of its more bizarre PR ideas ever, the CIA toyed with using heat-sensitive Osama dolls that turned into demons to scare little kiddies away from joining al-Qaeda. Although someone in the chain of command saw sense and shut the project down, three prototypes were made, and they're now being auctioned off.

The dolls were designed by late Hasbro exec (and GI Joe creator) Donald Levine, who came up with the idea for a 12-inch Osama action figure which, when heated, would peel off, revealing a scary-ass demon. Fittingly, the program was called 'Devil Eyes'.


One of the three prototypes are now up for auction of memorabilia website Nate D. Saunders, with the starting bid at $2,500. If you're in the market for a piece of American war-on-terror history, you've got twelve days to get your bid in. [Nate D. Saunders via Mashable]

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