The classic toy camera Diana F+ can now be bought as an Instant Camera package for $140. Previously, you had to buy a separate instant back to the camera for $90, not to mention the $90 it cost for the Diana F+ camera itself. Save a few bucks! [Lomography]


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Once again I rise to my lonely soapbox to lament the purposeful degradation of photographic images. I had a Diana back in the '60s when they were marketed not as retro, ironic, hip, or artsy but as actual cameras intended to take actual pictures. They were cheap and awful: light leaks all over, inconsistent shutter, profound vignetting, and a plastic lens with visible distortions and aberrations. The pictures were correspondingly awful. Back then we would have given anything for the image quality you can get with the simplest of cellphone cameras today. It pains me to see people purposely choosing poor quality cameras, or degrading their pictures with filters, to make them look like the crap we had to put up with back then. If you like Lomo photos then fine; they just make me sad.