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The Climbing Walls In This Former Sugar Factory Look Like Candy Heaven

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The industrial silhouette of a former sugar refinery in Montréal has gotten a pretty sweet makeover, being transformed into a fully-equipped climbing gym. Now, Allez-Up's sky-high ceilings house faceted white walls studded with colorful holds, like bits of candy in a saccharine mine.


The whole thing has a Willy Wonka viba, with blue safety mats in place of chocolate rivers and fit folks scaling crazy-difficult facades instead of singing Oompa Loompas.

Smith Vigeant Architects completed the transformation, but it's not clear from the images whether anything cool is happening inside the two silos themselves.


I found this creepy as fuck clip on YouTube of someone exploring one of the two abandoned towers a few years ago; it would be especially cool if the firm transformed those into nightmare factory climbing gyms, all dark and scary and a total switch from the bright goings-ons next door. Perhaps they could even start a whole new trend, of themed bouldering, the ultimate in face-your-fears indoor adventuring. [UR Design]

UPDATE: Kinja user Charles actually goes to this gym and let us know that you can explore the inside it using Google Street View here. Apparently the silos are in development as well. Cool!