Illustration for article titled The Company That Bought Digg Just Made Instapaper Beautiful on the Web

Betaworks, the company that resurrected Digg and bought Instapaper, didn't waste any time giving Instapaper a makeover. A beautiful redesign of the Instapaper site just went live.


Changes to the mobile apps are coming soon, but for now the difference is with the main desktop version. The changes to the formerly barebones site are pretty nice—it actually brings some elements of the app's design to the web version. Nothing in terms of features has changed too drastically—it's still the Instapaper you know and love, but it looks a whole lot nicer, and it's a lot more user friendly. They've added a sidebar where you can see all your unread, liked, and archived articles, as well was a main thread where you can see everything you have saved to read later. We'd been wondering what Betaworks was going to do with Marco Arment's creation, and this is a good first step. [Instapaper, @AndrewMcLaughlin]

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