This Vintage Bread Slicer Wouldn't Meet Today's Safety Standards But It's Fun to Watch Being Restored

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Gif: YouTube

Bread slicers weren’t exactly the safest things around in the middle of the 20th century. That open blade is just begging for someone’s hand to slip. But OSHA issues aside, it’s fascinating to watch a simple, beautiful machine like this get restored.

The 16-minute video, first spotted by Digg, was produced for YouTube by LADB Restoration, which is dedicated to restoring old machines.

LADB has videos restoring everything from vintage tobacco cutters to antique grindstones. They’ve even restored an old blowtorch. But this latest video might be one of the best yet, if only because it’s so relaxing.

The video is so calming—wordless and focused on nothing more than the task at hand—that it’s almost therapeutic.

Gif: YouTube

LADB Restoration has a Patreon with longer videos, though we admit we’re not yet paying subscribers. But given how addictive simply watching machines get restored can be, that might have to change in the near future.