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The Complete Video Guide to the 2012 End of the World Imbecility

NASA has already spent some time explaining why all the 2012 End of the World theories are as stupid as those who postulate them. This video is not by NASA, but it summarizes things perfectly.


Of course, the doomsday imbeciles will not care about reality the same way rapture imbeciles didn't care about reason and logic. But hey, if at least one of them realizes their stupidity after watching it, it would be worth it. [Thanks Karl!]

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1999 and Y2K were another good example of mass hysteria, too. We were told all computers and all electronics would stop working at midnight in 1-1-00, there would massive utility outtages, no food and a whole bunch of other stupid stuff, NONE of which actually happened. This happens every few years when a comet goes by or some statistical oddity occurs in dates, etc, so this isn't anything new, but sadly, there will be people who kill themselves or stockpile insane amount of supplies, or worse, out of fear.

I bet some of you are still eating the SPAM you stocked up on for Y2K.