If casting spells and magic elixirs just aren’t your thing, the original CPU Wars was a unique non-fantasy take on the trump style card game. Players dealt damage to their opponents based on the tech specs of real-life computer CPUs, and now there’s a sequel to the game featuring processors you’d only find in powerful servers.

CPU Wars Volume 2.0 can be enjoyed on its own, but it can also be used as an expansion pack for the original version of the game. It introduces 30 new cards featuring the best server CPUs from the past 30 years. Yep, apparently someone was keeping score all this time.

The sequel also introduces four booster cards allowing players to overclock, upgrade, and enhance the server CPUs they’ve been dealt with other power-ups. It truly sounds like one of the nerdiest ways you can spend $13, and we’ll be the first to admit we’re excited to play it. [CPU WARS Volume 2.0]


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