CPU Wars Makes Magic: The Gathering Seem a Lot Less Nerdy

Illustration for article titled emCPU Wars/em Makes iMagic: The Gathering/i Seem a Lot Less Nerdy

If you're worried that playing games like Magic will leave you branded a nerd and hinder your chances at finding love online, you're going to want to avoid CPU Wars—a game based on CPU specs—like the plague.


The game's creator, Harry Mylonadis, doesn't make any illusions about CPU Wars' target market—it was created by geeks, for geeks. It's your basic trump style card game, but instead of dealing damage to your opponents with mythical weapons and spells, you strategically rely on the tech specs of thirty different CPUs from the past forty years to one-up your opponents.


In order to stomach the cost of a large printing run to make the game financially feasible, Harry has turned to Kickstarter to raise the $3,500 he needs. With twenty-one days to go he's almost a third of the way there, and a pledge of just $15 will secure you your own deck, complete with static bag packaging. Whether or not you want to brag about your acquisition on your online dating profile is up to you. [Kickstarter via PCWorld]

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Being already married makes it much easier to buy things such as this. You just have to be able to withstand the withering side-eye that your non-nerd spouse will give you.