The CrApple Store Blog Takes A Behind The Scenes Look At Apple Retail

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Ever wanted to know what it's like to work at an Apple Store? Well, according to this mysterious, semi-angry, semi-funny Apple blogger you'll learn to hate hipster customers, hipster employees, hipster products and the atrocious "Apple grammar".

Here's a taste of what you get on the CrApple blog:

The first thing you'll fucking hate is the opening a new store. You'd think from the cheering something major is happening, but really it just another fucking shop surrounded by other shit shops. Everyone whoops, cheers and delivers high fives all round, especially to the biggest loser of them all- the virgin at the front of the queue


You gotta love it. He also pokes fun at the Genius Bar and crazy customers but the thing that probably grinds his gears the most? Apple's penchant for using "full stops" and words like "funnest" in their advertisements? That's the stuff that'll really get you. Check out the shit side of Apple retail here. [CrApple Store via 9to5mac]