The Craziest Sky I've Ever Seen

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A night of fireworks, lightning, and a comet hanging on the sky separating them. It's like a painting of Heaven, Earth and Hell by Hieronymus Bosch. But it's not a painting. It's a real sky. It happened in Perth, Australia.

That's where photographer Antti Kemppainen took this photo, back in January 2007. It was Australia Day and people gathered on the beach to see the fireworks show over the harbor. Meanwhile, lightning was exploding far away, over the ocean. And in the middle of it all, so bright that it would be seen despite the flashes of light, there was Comet McNaught.

Antti just took three photographs and composed them together in a single panorama, so you could see the 180-degree scene that the people sitting there were seeing that day.


Simply stunning. The only thing that could have made this scene more amazing would have been an aurora waving on the top and UFOs ascending from the depth of the sea. [NASA]