The Dark Side of Lego can be beautifully creepy

Artist Mike Doyle is putting out a new art book that takes a look at gorgeous Lego creations that err on the creepier side of plastic block building - check out some of these amazing displays!

Header Image Credit: Predator and Prey by Ryan Rubino

Beautiful Lego 2: Dark is a follow up to Doyle's 2013 Lego book Beautiful Lego, and focuses on artists using Lego to create some wonderful, disturbing bits of imagery. Here's just a few of the amazing pieces of work from the 140 different Lego builders featured in the book:


By Brian Kescenovitz

By Ekow Nimako (L) and Tyler Halliwell (R)

Beautiful Lego 2: Dark is due for release in November for $25. You can see a few more pictures at the link below.



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