The Dead Space Trailer So Scary It's Banned

Electronic Arts recently debuted the "Lullaby" trailer for upcoming space-horror video game Dead Space. It's creepy and gory, but did it deserve bannination? Check out this teaser trailer that's intended "for mature audiences only."

According to Ars Technica, after seeing this trailer at E3, the press was notified that the ESRB refused to approve the trailer, so it couldn't be released in the U.S. Why this means anything at all with a form of media intended to be released online is anyone's guess, but it sure won't hurt the marketing buzz. Dead Space is the tale of a mining operation that cracks open an alien planet looking for materials . . . and finds something they didn't bargain for.


Two Dead Space Trailers: one the ESRB doesn't want you to see. [Ars Technica]



@grecords: I am just going to have a headstone made out of bathroom stale material, and scribble "zenpoet was here" in sharpie.

Maybe just for effect have "Metallica Rules" on there as well.

I am excited for this game, even though it feels similar in tone to BioShock. Hell, if they can come as close as 70% the coolness of BioShock, I will be on board 100%.