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Billed as "possibly with world's first hand-crafted luxury computer peripheral" - The Device is a status-indicator for virtually anything your computer monitors. Connecting via USB, packaged software can customize what The Device tracks. Examples include CPU usage, Counterstrike frags, Ebay auction status and radioactive decay rates.

The Device displays information through 3 methods. The first and most obvious is the pair of analog dials. The "Ethereal Glowing Tube" is filled with an Agar-based gel that can glow at 5 intensities. And the "Red Incandescent Lamp" (a.k.a. party light) can either be set to glow or blink "in extreme circumstances".


We freaking love this thing, from its ridiculously opulent styling to its pretentiously wordy name. The Device is still in prototype form running on Windows OS only, but Mac and Linux support is coming soon.

Product Page Thanks David!