"The Dirty Dozen In Deep Space" TV Series Coming To Fox

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The Dirty Dozen is possibly one of the most consistently name-checked films in the Hollywood development process. However, if Len Wiseman (Underworld, Sleepy Hollow) can actually pull this "Dirty Dozen in deep space" series off, that would be pretty awesome.

Deadline is reporting that Wiseman and Scott Rosenbaum (V, Chuck) have received a put pilot commitment from Fox for an untitled scifi series, loosely described as set in the future where companies have started to colonize the stars.

A mercenary search and rescue team is dispatched to investigate a distress signal from a prison transport that has crashed on an uncharted planet. This unlikely group of heroes will now have to work together when they encounter a much greater challenge on this mysterious planet than they could have anticipated.


Well gentleman you had my curiosity, but now you have my interest. Wiseman did great work on Sleepy Hollow, so maybe TV development is a good home for him. Either way we're always excited at the possibilities for more spaceship shows. Fingers crossed for this one.