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The Dog House Frank Lloyd Wright Built

Illustration for article titled The Dog House Frank Lloyd Wright Built

Frank Lloyd Wright's reputation for being a bit of an egotistical prick is well-documented and well-deserved. But that doesn't mean he was all bad—the man had his soft spots. Like the time he designed a dog house for a 12-year-old admirer.


In 1956, Jim Berger wrote to the acclaimed architect, requesting blueprints for a dog house he planned to build. Wright returned him plans that not only invoked the architects hallmark stylings but also meshed with the overall design of the house to which it was attached.

In all, the dog house would measure four square feet and be built from mahogany and cedar scraps used in the main house's construction. The house was eventually built in 1963 by Berger's family. The only problem—the family dog wasn't sold on it and refused to reside there. [Architects and Artisans via Neatorama]

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If the Hollyhock House is a fair example of his architectural squillz, I bet the doghouse roof leaked like a mu'fu.