The Easy Way to Add an Onscreen Keyboard to Your Palm Pre

To the chagrin of a few devoted hard QWERTY enthusiast, and to the much more important joy of people who think it's dumb to have to slide out an entire keypad just to type the letters "OK," the Pre got its first onscreen keyboard last week. One problem! The installation process was complicated, dangerous and intimating, so I recommended most Pre-ers wait for a simple installer.

Well, the Pre keyboard hack is scary no more, and actually available as an app now, thanks to WebOS Internals. Full guide at [PreCentral]

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The rate of homebrew development is getting pretty crazy on this thing. WebOS Internals makes a bunch of UI tweaks easy, and FileCoaster reports over 170 homebrew apps. Very exciting.

Oh, and there's also some apps in the official app catalog I guess.