The Electric Car March Continues Into Washington State's Cascade Mountains

Illustration for article titled The Electric Car March Continues Into Washington States Cascade Mountains

Washington State, no stranger to the environment or tourism in the Cascade Mountains, will soon install a number of EV charging stations in that region for the slew of electric vehicles that will inevitably vacation there alongside their green masters.


The 480 V AC/DC EV charging stations, numbing just two or three over a 120-mile Rt 2 stretch in the Cascades, are part of the large 310 charging station order the U.S. made in late 2010. The stations can reportedly charge a car like the Nissan Leaf to 80% in about 30 minutes.

Not a very big drop in the bucket, of course, but it's certainly a start, especially when we consider that Washington and Oregon have already bought into charging stations something fierce with their $1.32 million, 10 station "electric highway" project, already underway. [ via Engadget]


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You too Giz? Stop propagating the incorrect name of "Washington State". If you have to put 'state' in there then put it at the beginning as in State of Washington since technically that is the correct name. If you put it at the end then NEVER capitalize it. Personally I just call the other Washington 'DC' since that is its more correct name.