Almost 30 years before the original Oculus Rift DK1 hit Kickstarter, View-Master was already dabbling in virtual reality‚ÄĒalbeit a tamer version‚ÄĒwith an electronic viewer that mixed 3D images and audio into what was probably a revolutionary experience back then.

Seen here in an ad dating back to February of 1983, the Electronic Talking View-Master used the same slideshow discs as previous versions of the toy. But they were embedded in a special cartridge alongside a tiny vinyl record that would be played at the same time.

The technology seems downright prehistoric given you can now share HD movies on flash cards that are smaller than a fingernail. But a device small enough to hold in your hands that could show 3D images with audio was a big deal back in 1983. Thankfully, though, Mattel decided to skip the record player technology for the new Google Cardboard-powered View-Master it announced at Toy Fair earlier this year‚ÄĒprobably a smart move. [Twitter - RetroNewsNow]


Photo by 20th Century Stereo Viewers

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