The End Of Humanity Nears: Website Sends Your Drunk Texts To Aliens

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A website is sending text messages, submitted to their website, straight to Gliese 581d, a planet 20 light years away. Judging by the genius submissions they've already received, if these texts ever actually reach intelligent life, our world is doomed.

Hello From Earth encourages anyone to submit their thoughts to the aliens, via text. So now we know who to blame when we are all wiped out, thanks to these clever submissions.... u get KFC up ther?
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hey ya out there i here to say that Brazil is the only 5 times world football Champion!
julio Cesar Da Silva
Basingstoke, United Kingdom

For years I've wondered why human males have nipples. It'd be great if you could look into the subject as well. Kthnks.
Norman, United States

The game, chris hanson, longcat, the various chans, mudkips, fsjal, facepalm, trolls, house, raptor jesus, girugamesh, pedobear, and ceiling cat welcome you!
westerville, United States

Hello there! Do you have Olga Berg handbags where you're from? I can help you shop for some here on Earth if you like?
Melbourne, Australia

Do your females have high standards? I'm not much to look at, but I feel as though I can't connect with anyone from earth.
Gold Coast, Australia

Bad Bad Boys Party Band entertainment for celebrating or contact.
Bad Bad Boys Party Band
Whyalla, Australia

Don't listen to Rick Astley- Never Gonna Give You Up. Don't believe anyone who says its good- they're lying and trying to RickRoll you.
Elizabeth Ecob
Kingston, Australia

Are you on Twitter or Facebook?
Wellington, New Zealand

And Last But Not Least....

Long live Michael Jackson!
Nick Wilson
Beaverton, United States

So yeah... it was nice while it lasted, Earth.