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The End of This Insane Car Chase is Basically Grand Theft Auto in Real Life

Holy. Shit. This video shows the end of a car chase in northeast Houston and it’s totally bananas. The suspect tries to outrun a helicopter in an open field, but while making a break for it, he gets pummeled by a police SUV. Somehow, he bounces off the car, gets back up, and manages to keep on running. At this point, a helicopter crew member jumps out of the chopper with his helmet still on and chases after the suspect to tackle him. It’s like watching Grand Theft Auto but in real life. What the hell.


According to local news station KPRC2, the suspect was on the run because of a home burglary attempt. When police responded to the burglary call, two suspects sped off in a car and the chase was on. One of them ditched the car and made a run for the open field, which is when all the craziness happened. You can watch the footage below.


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Is it just me or is this the helicopter guy’s way of saying the ground units are a bunch of incompetent fucksticks?