The Endless Details In This Custom Lego Batcave Are Completely Overwhelming

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A couple of months ago Lego revealed its sprawling Batcave set based on the ‘60s Batman TV series. And as packed full of details as it was, it can’t hold a candle to Dan Glasure’s custom creation that took two months to build and incorporates elements from almost all of the Batman movies, comics, and TV series.


Closer to the top of the Batcave you’ll find a turntable with a lovely replica of the Burton-era Batmobile parked on it, as well as the Batwing that Michael Keaton’s version of the character flew—suitably surrounded with hanging bats.


But as you dig deeper and deeper into Glasure’s creation, you’ll find countless other wonderful details including Batman’s custom computer, a well-equipped armory, and a messy laboratory befitting a crime-fighting scientist who works in a cave. Head on over to Glasure’s Flickr page for more photos of his massive set, and secretly wish to yourself that Lego would create something this staggering.

[Flickr - Dan Glasure via BrothersBrick]

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