The fascinating underworld living in flood channels beneath Las Vegas

Around 400 people live inside the flood channels underneath Las Vegas and it's such a fascinating underworld that is so different from the neon-lit indulgence and styrofoam opulence that Sin City is known for. Matthew O'Brien has been visiting the community for 12 years and takes a tour of it in this video.


O'Brien, who is always helping the citizens beneath the neon through the Shine A Light community program, teamed up with Seeker Stories to make the video. Seeker writes:

Matthew O'Brien, an expert on the underground flood channels of Las Vegas, makes one of his regular visits to the tunnels with the Seeker team to experience the hardship, lifestyle, and creativity of those who live in them.


You can learn more about the tunnels and the people living inside them at OBrien's site.

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So what do they do when heavy rains flood the area?