The Fastest Casio Exilim Camera Ever Doing 60 FPS Still or 300FPS Video

Pop Sci took a trip to Casio headquarters in Tokyo to scope out Casio's new camera, which uses a CMOS image sensor and a processor that clearly possesses some snappiness to shoot 60 6-megapixel shots or 300 video frames per second. (We saw this at IFA but didn't get a chance to fire it off.) Unfortunately, this Flash-fast camera is only a prototype (they haven't even come up with a name yet, the thing is so fast) and it's entirely possible they might not put out a consumer model, though Sean thinks it "looks pretty darn close to a real product." Cross your fingers in slo-mo. [Pop Sci more specs on Giz]


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@Weihovah: CMOS sensors have come a long way and can out-perform CCDs in certain regards. For full HD, CMOS is the only way to go really. CCDs just can't deliver the data rates (not for sensible power consumptions).

The Japanese high-end broadcast camera company Ikegami uses CMOS sensors from AltaSens in their HD camera. They had 20 such cameras at the recent US open tennis tournament.