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The First Disturbing Pet Sematary Trailer Is Here to Remind You to Leave Dead Things Alone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After years of being stuck in development hell and having a number of different directors reportedly attached to the film, the first trailer for Paramount’s big screen remake of Pet Sematary is here to resurrect one of Stephen King’s most disturbing stories ever.

Sometimes, it’s best to leave dead things in the ground where they can rest in peace, but when the youngest member of the Creed family suddenly dies, Louis (Jason Clarke) makes the inadvisable decision to bury his son in the local pet cemetery, a mystical place (and Native American burial ground) that has to power to bring dead things back to life.


Of course, when the young boy’s resurrected, he comes back...wrong and, well, you know how those stories go.

Pet Sematary, just one of many King adaptations in the world, hits theaters April 9, 2019.