The First Foxy Magazine Cover to Be Shot In Video

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Last week we told you that Esquire had shot their June magazine cover in video. This week, we see that Megan Fox photo in all its...wait, there is no way "Fox" is her real name.


Captured on the 4K RedOne (that's a frame resolution of 4096x2304, or 9.4 megapixels), the video-sourced cover image is thought to be a first in the magazine industry, challenging traditional SLR photography and the distinctions of photo vs video.


In other good news, there's a pile of leftover Megan Fox footage that's up at Esquire now. But in one of humanity's great travesties, the clips have been downrezzed for web streaming. [Esquire]

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In all honesty, she has taken the top spot of most... well, everything positive... woman on my list. Jessica Alba did have the top spot, but she had way too many crappy movies to still look at her the same way, and before that it was Tyra Banks, and we all know what kind of a fruit loop she has turned into.