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Sure, the iPhone and iPad have microphones, and there are mini-microphone accessories out there for the devices, but what about a full-sized mic? IK Multimedia thinks there's a need for one, offering up the iRig Mic as a solution.

The unidirectional condensor mic is designed for singers and vocalists, but can also be used to record speeches, instruments. It also comes with three official apps: VocaLive, which provides realtime vocal effects and processing, AmpliTube, which enhances instrumental recordings with effects and levels, and iRig Recorder, which . The mic uses the 3.5mm jack on the iPad/iPhone and has a second jack built in so you can plug in headphones for monitoring audio levels.


That's great and all, but what it really needs is an epic Karaoke app for the iPad. The iRig is available for preorder now and will cost $60 when it comes out. [IK Multimedia]

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