The First Green Lantern Set Pics Include A Certain Green Ring

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Today's spoilers include our first glimpse of Green Lantern's Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, plus Jeff Bridges talks Tron Legacy. Another Transformers star may not come back. Hugh Jackman gets a Real Steel co-star. Plus Lost, Fringe, FlashForward and Chuck!


Green Lantern:

Here are the first set pics from the filming of this movie in New Orleans. The main thing is that you can just make out a certain ring on Ryan Reynolds' finger. This is from the filming of a bar scene, where the bar has been refitted with the name Broome's. And the fact that Ryan already has the ring means (thank goodness) that this bar scene doesn't have anything to do with any "Hal is an alcoholic before he gets the ring" subplot. (I'm assuming they wouldn't show him drinking after crashing his car and meeting Abin Sur.) Also, I'm wondering if the much-ballyhooed car stunt is the thing where Hal almost crashes his car, but then it flies instead. My memory of Emerald Dawn is slightly hazy, but that sticks in my mind. Many more pics at the link. [Comic Book Movie]

Tron Legacy:

A few more details from Jeff Bridges: His makeup takes three hours. He has very few scenes with Bruce Boxleitner. He was present for the entire film shoot, but Sam Flynn is the protagonist, not Kevin Flynn. The lightcycles and discs have been taken "to the next level," and there's a cool new vehicle. And he's doing some motion-capture stuff. [Slashfilm]

And when Sam Flynn does get into the virtual world and meet his father, he's very impressed with everything his dad has accomplished. [MTV]

Reporters on set also got to see some production stills, including Kevin Flynn kneeling in his "safe house," in a white martial-arts robe. Plus four "sirens" in skintight white catsuits surrounding Sam Flynn, who's in a black catsuit. Sam standing on the bridge of a large ship holding a glowing disk, with orange hexagonal windows looking out behind him. [Sci Fi Wire]


Transformers 3:

There's a call for extras (paying $200 a day) and the most notable thing is Josh Duhamel isn't listed among the film's stars. Is he not coming back? Would you be able to tell? [CinemaBlend]


Real Steel:

Canadian actor Dakota Goyo will play Hugh Jackman's son in this film, "a street-smart, tough, charming kid with a hard, untrusting outer shell which hides a warm enthusiastic spirit beneath." The father teams up with his long-lost son to train an unusual robot to take part in a robot boxing match. [THR]


Let Me In:

The American remake of Let The Right One In isn't Americanized in the sense of dumbed down, says Matt Reeves — rather, the cultural context of the 1980s tale has changed to include Reaganism and the fear of the Evil Empire. And the idea that the scary Other is elsewhere and outside, and the main character's rage against bullies has no reasonable outlet. Reeves talks about his own childhood experiences with bullying, and how he had always wanted to tell a kind of brutal coming-of-age story about an 11-year-old boy who meets a girl in his apartment complex and has these sort of intense encounters, so this project turned out to be perfect. He also referred to the original novel a lot during the adaptation process. [Cinematical]


Toy Story 3:

Another character poster introduces you to a new toy, Sparks. [Slashfilm]

There's a mostly glowing review of this film, which contains no spoilers but does say it takes as many risks, and twists your heartstrings as much, as other recent Pixar films. But at the same time, it feels like Pixar is playing it a bit too safe. [Cinemablend]


Repo Men:

I just read the novel this movie is based on (review coming later today) and novelist Eric Garcia talks in an afterword about adapting the book to a screenplay with co-writer Garrett Lerner, while simultaneously revising the book — a process which happened over and over again, over several years. Similarly, he tells ShockTillYouDrop, "The Repossession Mambo novel was told in constant flashbacks, jumps in time, linked only by theme, etc. Hard to do a narrative that way, so it came down to figuring out a way through the story — 30 drafts or so later, I think we cracked it." (Among other changes, the novel gives the main character five ex-wives plus a current love interest, and the movie apparently gives him only two ex-wives, one of whom he re-meets and she becomes his current love interest.) [ShockTillYouDrop]



As you've no doubt gathered, the April 1 episode is an 1980s flashback in which we meet Peter's mother, learn what happened to him and why Olivia sees him glimmering. And why he owes the Observer his life. Almost all his backstory will be filled in. Plus, we'll get a pretty good idea why Nina lost her arm to "cancer." [TV Guide]


Also, we'll meet Walter's former lab assistant. (Wondering if that could be the same person as Peter's mother?) [Fancast]


Next week, Chuck brings up that fateful train station rendezvous in Prague with Sarah, and cue the waterworks. Also, it's really looking like the two characters leaving the show might be Awesome and Ellie. Ellie considers Awesome's idea of joining Doctors Without Borders, and her answer might make you nervous about their continued appearance on the show. [Fancast]



Here are some stills from the Amanda Waller episode, "Checkmate." [OSCK]

So in the April 16 episode, "Upgrade," Clark gets hit with red kryptonite, and as usual he makes a bad mistake — but this time, it involves the Fortress, Zod and Metallo, and could have huge consequences. Also, it sounds like Metallo might have some red-kryptonite problems too — but Zod is untouched. Also, Metallo gets some scenes with Lois that might make Lois-Clark shippers unhappy. [Fancast]



Jack Davenport says it's not a foregone conclusion that Lloyd and Olivia are going to hook up. On Thursday, we'll see Olivia coping with Lloyd's abduction, and she's getting debriefed and having to explain matters to Mark. And Courtney Vance explains what to expect for his character, Stanford:

We'll start to find out about some of the threads that we laid in which were for my character the deal between the president and Senator Clemente. Mark goes rogue to figure out what happened to him. Supposedly his badge is turned in. There's some great action, motorcycle chases, great intrigue. People I think will be very satisfied.




We all know that Juliet's coming back, but Elizabeth Mitchell hints it may not be until the very final episode. [Sci Fi Wire]


So remember the set report we had a little while ago in which it seemed like both the L.A. versions of Ben and Locke were getting the crap beaten out of them, and the beater might be Desmond? And then Ben meets Rousseau? There are some pics of that scene now. Plus some new pics of what look like the bear cages. And Locke rolling around a parking lot. [SpoilersLost and SpoilersLost]



"Would you be able to tell?" would we be able to care? i liked transformers 1 cause it was nice to see the autobots and deceptions. transformers 2 was horrible and i wished i didnt rent it.

can we petition to remove transformer 3 spoilers from future morning spoiler reports? why should the staff of io9 waste their time with such go'se?